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At Global Cannabinoid Solutions we accelerate and optimise the cannabis industry, through the strategic application of cannabinoid science.


We operate globally to amplify investments of both time and money through a multidisciplinary network of highly skilled professionals dedicated to supporting innovation, collaboration, and societal progression.


We have built a focal point through which investors and industry can leverage forefront knowledge and creativity to galvanise businesses for the challenges of the 21st century.

Science by your side


We are the cannabinoid consultancy optimising business, industry and society with forefront cannabinoid science.  

We maximise the value and efficacy of projects by identifying weaknesses and opportunities to maximise efficiency and security. 

Each of our consultants has hands-on cannabinoid research expertise from the forefronts of science.


 Our consultants offer critical scientific insights into the cannabis industry, accelerating ethical business by integrating expert knowledge and contacts.

Here is what our clients say

Mark Turner


"If you are thinking about entering the cannabis space, Global Cannabinoid Solutions should be your first point of call."


"We worked closely with their highly qualified lead consultant Christopher Tasker, he was able to provide us with key scientific insight into procedural and strategic issues. This added crucial scientific rationale to our product development process resulting in countless savings.”

Benjamin-Alexandre Jeanroy


"Working with GCS and its CEO Christopher Tasker has been, and still is, rewarding at each step."


"GCS not only helped achieve everyone’s goal but foremost grants the ecosystem and the plant a way to grow organically, with leading edge technology and a strong moral compass.  GCS's network is fostering creativity through collaboration with some of the most pertinent actors in the hemp and cannabis industries. They have increased the impact and efficiency of compaigns providing clients with the reassurance that their strategy is supported by the most advanced science. " 

Michael Fisher

CEO Teesside Cannabis Club

"GCS and their scientific knowedge has been crucial in building our pioneering harm reduction center."


"GCS and their CEO, Chris Tasker, have been personally involved in supporting our patient collective, donating significant amounts of their time and energy to our charitable initiatives. GCS have given us reach and recognition, having their knowledge at hand has given us the crucial scientific rationale we needed in order to protect our community.

Without the support of GCS we would not be the success we are today.


We believe collaboration is the key to success, we work with trusted professionals and creatives with a passion for synergising  science, industry and society.


Our deep and diverse knowledge allows us to provide a breadth of business boosting services. Whether its clarity or growth you are seeking, our knowledge allows us to cater to the unique needs of our clients, building strategies that work for you.


The GCS knowledge collective and Virtual Advisory Boards (VAB) can be leveraged to overcome all forms of industrial and humanitarian adversity. Our innovative network holds a wealth of investment and business potential.


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