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Leading cannabis debate with cannabis science. At the centre of this conference series is the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine and their world leading medical journal. Hosted by Global Cannabinoid Solutions who provide insights from prevalent leaders across the UK cannabis frontier, bringing them together for an event that will transform your view of cannabis.

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New knowledge, new thinking

Understanding the science of cannabis brings an entirely new way of looking at the unique relationship between humans and cannabis. We translate this science into education which is digestible, factual and transparent for the benefit of the consumer. Start broadening your cannabis understanding today. 

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Scientific services  


Safely enter new markets, differentiate yourself from competitors, gain vital knowledge and fast track your success all with the creative application of the latest cannabis science

Our services have been designed to efficiently leverage the latest science and knowledge accessible to humanity. We work with our clients to craft unique services which leverage forefront science. We create unique solutions designed around the needs of our clients, creating sustainable and socially responsible scientific solutions.


We use Discovery Sessions to help you understand your cannabis business on a cellular level creating new opportunities and unveiling new niches.

Amplify your success in cannabis today.

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