Client Case Study: Bud & Tender

“Working with Global Cannabinoids Solutions has enabled us to bring our game changing oil to market.”
Bud & Tender is a premium CBD oil producer that prides itself on offering consumers the
purest and most refined CBD oil on the market, utilising a quality controlling and
filtering procedure that uniquely guarantees that their products contain zero THC and
zero CBN.

Here at Global Cannabinoid Solutions (GCS) we enable businesses within the emerging
UK cannabis industry to streamline and optimise their operations, by providing expert
consultation and scientific rationale to leading businesses in the UK cannabis market.

We were fortunate enough to connect with the founders of Bud & Tender through their
contributions to a GCS organised charitable event at Teesside cannabis club. The
directors at Bud & Tender, Mark Turner and Charles Clowes, had been kind enough to
sponsor and donate a range of outstanding hemp foods and CBD products to the patients
and member.
Having been so impressed by their hemp foods range, we sought to thank the Bud &
Tender Directors for their wonderful charitable contribution and complement them on the
quality of their products. Through this discussion, we developed a tremendous
understanding of the Bud & Tender ethos through which, we discussed the business goals
of the Bud & Tender brand. Following this conversation, Bud & Tender sought to utilise
our cannabinoid expertise in order to aid them in develop their own unique legally
compliant CBD oil.

“If you are thinking of entering the cannabis space, Global Cannabinoid Solutions should be your first port of call.”

From the get-go it was clear that Mark and Charles wanted to ensure they developed a superior range of CBD products which were fully compliant and vigorously quality controlled. Following an initial consultation, we built a tailored solutions package, specific to the needs of Bud & Tender, providing ongoing strategic cannabinoid counsel with ongoing support and optimisation of product development. Bud & Tender were able to benefit
from ongoing procedural optimisation and scientific insight. This provided
crucial rationale whilst reducing the unnecessary expenditure of time and

Bud & Tender are now leading the emerging CBD industry with a unique quality controlled, highly absorbable oil that protects consumers from contaminants whilst ensuring they receive the most refined CBD oils on the market. Through their consultation with GCS, The Mark and Charles gained access to our exclusive expert network of trusted partners whilst also receiving critical oversight from GCS Director, Christopher Tasker.

If you would like to see how GCS can further your business operation in
the Cannabis industry, book a free consultation and speak with one of our
expert consultants.

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