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A History of GCS

June 2015
Chris Tasker undertakes a medical research degree at The University of Nottingham.
August 2016
Chris Tasker specialises in cannabis therapeutics and the gut. Intrigued by the emergence of cannabis research and its potential to treat medical conditions connects with the UK patient community and cannabis clubs.
April 2017
Chris and colleagues deploy their scientific expertise to educate and protect the emerging grassroot cannabis patient communities and UK cannabis social clubs to reduce harms associated with cannabis consumption.

Establishment of GCS as vehicle for the creative application of science to support emerging cannabis industry and subsequent knowledge gap.

September 2018
Cannabis social clubs gain recognition as a harm reduction tool to protect patient communities and assist local authorities.
November 2018
Medical cannabis becomes legal and privately available! GCS moves to support the emerging industry and draw attention to patients in court who cannot afford prescription costs who are still criminalised for their cannabis use.
January 2019
Christopher Tasker completes master’s degree in the medical research of cannabinoids in colorectal cancer, launching an initiative to support the emerging cannabis industry and subsequent knowledge gap with scientific solutions.
April 2020
GCS goes digital creating scientific solutions to streamline cannabis commerce for the industry and its consumers.
June 2021
Supporting the cannabis industry and patients throughout the pandemic. Now working across Science, Education and Technology to nurture the infant cannabis industry.
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