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We use a flexible 4 stage structure to guide the latest science into the existing framework to provide an internal perspective of what tools can be used to leverage this knowledge. Given the diversity of projects there is wealth of potential to explore and for us to delve into from which we can begin building a vision for the future of a sustainable industry focused on societal needs.

Strategic Consultation

Wholesale, Distribution and White Labelling

Project Optimisation



So as not to reinvent the wheel and prescribe blindly we first begin by understanding the progress that has been made thus far. This baseline allows us to build a contextual understanding of your current plans with a in situ review and fact finding mission of existing policies, frameworks and strategies.



With the broadened understanding of context developed through the discovery phase we are then able to make informed decisions on how to best narrow down and refine your operations and preparation for engaging with the global market. This background knowledge informs our team deployment strategy and the expertise we bring in.



We will create unique methods for businesses to accommodate industry stakeholders to provide much needed economic stimulus during these covid periods. The model will be nourished and supported by our network of industry operators and scientists to build a consilient model that aligns with the existing market.



The designed model and campaign will be accompanied by a series of options for delivery. These options will include the degrees of involvement you desire from ourselves throughout and beyond the launch and contain future directions this may take.

Our 3 pillars​

These pillars run throughout each project undertaken with the ultimate objective being the unification of Science, Industry and Society.


Our Cannabinoid Academic Network (CAN) is comprised of leading scientists and innovators.


Our business consists of professional service providers, entrepreneurs and investors.


Supporting societal progression and drug policy reform initiatives to ensure industry and science best serves our communities. 

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