The Three Pillars of GCS

Science and Academia

Our Cannabinoid Academic Network (CAN) is comprised of leading scientists and innovators.

Industry and Business 

Our business consists of professional service providers, entrepreneurs and investors.

Community and Charity

Supporting societal progression and drug policy reform initiatives to ensure industry and science best serves our communities. 

The Cannabinoid Academic

Network (CAN)

A hive of scientific knowledge, the only comprehensive network of cannabinoid researchers and cannabis experts from all branches of cannabis science. If you are in need of expertise, our Cannabinoid Academic Network (CAN) have the critical insights you need.

Chemistry and pharmacology
Medicine and Biology
Horticulture &
sociology and politology
Engineering &

Harm Reduction & Drug Policy Reform

Shaping Society with Science

We believe passionately in the need for wider drug policy reform beyond cannabis. Because of this, we work with harm reduction charities and drug reform groups at all levels of society to apply our knowledge and assets to promote societal progression.


Learn more about these initiatives and see how you can get involved.

Drug Consumption Rooms

Consumer Awareness Initiatives

Drug Reform Charities

Patient Advocacy

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