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Cannabis Science Firm GCS release consumer safety guide.

Global Cannabinoid Solutions (GCS) today announced the launch of their public education guide, The Canna-Manual. This work will deliver immediate and efficient access to the latest scientific knowledge, education and peer-reviewed research to arm consumers with a big picture perspective of cannabis.

GCS’ Managing Director Chris Tasker, who holds a Masters (MRes) in Cannabis medical research said “This guide unifies world-leading cannabis knowledge and places it in the hands of consumers. This prepares readers for the emergence of cannabis industry outlining the very real challenges impacting people on the frontline.”

Less than 1% of British patients have legal access to cannabis leaving 99% of our populations users criminals in the eyes of the law. This means, cancer patients, veterans with PTSD and grandparents with pain. Through this guide our desire is to highlight the societal implications that current UK legislation brings, raise awareness of the science behind the plant, its unique relationship with humanity, and promote the scientifically grounded debate as a tool in evolving cannabis in the UK. A portion of proceeds will be allocated to supporting patient prescriptions costs and the community.

Key goals of this educational initiative:

1. Connecting and applying the forefront cannabis science & research to support British citizens

2. Establishing UK awareness of the endocannabinoid system (ECS)

3. Reduce harms associated with the uninformed

4. Destigmatise the use of cannabis and drugs

Speak to us today and help us connect this knowledge with those in need so that together, we can lay the foundations for the future of the cannabis eco-system.

Thankyou to Bud & Tender for supporting the publication of this work.

Global Cannabinoid Solutions


CEO Chris Tasker:

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