GCS: Knowledge Sharing and Education

Global Cannabinoid Solutions have been working hard behind the scenes throughout 2021. As cannabis advocates we wanted to try and empower other advocates and entrepreneurs with learning tools, further educating all the cannabis enthusiasts out there but also the not so enthusiastic.  
Remember those situations, where you are talking to a parent, peer, employer etc about cannabis and it falls awkwardly silent?
We are all contributing to a changing the narrative that has been pushed for over 50 years is difficult. Here is your arsenal of information to tackle the sceptics, whilst improving your own knowledge. 

                     Free Cannabis Education for the Public

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                                                                          Why are we doing this?

We believe that Cannabis knowledge should be free for consumers of our industry. Our scientific and technological knowledge means that we have the opportunity to create unique tools to empower cannabis consumers and businesses. Community work was our starting point and continues to be part of our daily focus, more to follow on this shortly.  

Chapter from the GCS Course

For those businesses that are feeling left out, we have a business that focuses on the emerging cannabis industry, this goes by the name Global Cannabinoid Solutions https://globalcannabinoidsolutions.com/.

Interested in a branded education programme for your company?

Check out our business focused area here https://edu.globalcannabinoidsolutions.com/lp/b2b
Led by our resident cannabinoid scientist, Christopher Tasker, we are a team professionals who have worked in different industries, in doing so developing varying amazing skill sets which we are now applying to cannabis. Through creating great content and showing it in amazing ways we hope to appeal to businesses who are looking to educate and empower their management, employees, clients, investors.

We will be releasing content on a weekly basis in the fun pop quiz format https://quiz.globalcannabinoidsolutions.com/.

Keep your eyes peeled for who wants to be a millionaire, deal or no deal amongst many others.

If you are a interested in creating yor own quizzes, courses, and more please contact info@globalcannabinoidsolutions.com we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction to Global Cannabinoid Solutions educational resources. 

James and the GCS team